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CISO Services

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Manage Cyber Security as a Predictable Business Function

CISO Services

As cybersecurity continues to become an overarching concern for businesses across all industries, the need for specialized security experts to help manage daily operations has become more important than ever.  Recruiting, hiring and maintaining a cybersecurity team or Information Officer (IO) can be a time consuming, expensive and frustrating task.  Armory 5’s Chief Security Information Officer services solves these problems by engaging with you as little or as much as you want to help provide the expertise, benefits and services that a highly certified in house team would provide.  Armory 5 provides services including:

  • Policy development
  • Technical guidance
  • Proactive security leadership
  • Security remediation
  • Architecture development
  • Guidance and hands-on technical support

Armory 5’s CSIO services set your team up with the best possible guidance to help navigate the changing cybersecurity landscape.


Policy & Compliance Management

Understanding rules and regulations and then applying them to your business is a costly and time consuming task.  Many compliances and best practices require internal self-assessments in order to achieve consistent compliance.  The difficulty associated with managing this and finding a clear direction often lands companies in trouble due to a lack of available resources to carry out and maintain the proper compliance and policy documentation needed to remain strong in your security posture. Armory 5 will provide:

  • A fully managed policy audit and creation process
  • Compliance reporting with recommendations for how to become compliant
  • Awareness and training for all employees
  • Performance and compliance tracking
  • Policy collateral for tangible resource needs

Don’t put your company at risk for being non-compliant. Find out how Armory 5 can help overcome your challenges with you.


Risk Assessment

No single security method is ever good enough to ward off every single vulnerability out there.  Armory 5’s risk assessments uncover areas of exposure to help our seasoned experts determine how to architect a multi-layer security approach to provide peace of mind knowing that you have done everything to protect your business.  Risk assessments are conducted in a variety of ways, depending on your industry, business needs, overall goals and current security setup.  Armory 5’s risk assessments include:

  • External system scan to uncover areas of penetration
  • Internal systems scan to get a full picture of vulnerabilities
  • Data scan to explore what files are at risk for compromise
  • Workflow to determine how to protect data in a live environment
  • Control frameworks to structure and organize policies & procedures
  • Physical site assessments to review on site vulnerabilities
  • Vendor risk assessments to ensure all areas of engagement are secure

Can’t find the risk assessment you’re looking for? Let’s talk about how we can run a custom assessment that fits your needs.

System Monitoring, Alerting & Auditing

Armory 5’s trained security team is able to detect and prevent security breaches before they happen.  Up to date threat intelligent databases are used to identify real-time threats and provide an early warning system against ransomware and other malware on your systems.  If suspicious activity is detected, an alert will be generated to report any unauthorized changes. Additional alert management includes:

  • Breach responses
  • System auditing logs
  • Incident responses
  • Security monitoring
  • Firewall setup and maintenance
  • Penetration testing

We don’t stop there.  Our complete list of alert management and monitoring can be found on our CSIO data sheet.

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