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Network Management

We’ve got a complete view of your network so you can stay focused on whats important.

From virtual terminal servers to secure file servers, Armory 5’s full range of network management solutions help eliminate cost of ownership and ensure your day-to-day operations are as seamless as possible.

Network Management Services


Server Monitoring

 If and when our system detects an issue such as low disk space or memory, service failures, high CPU utilization, or other important system diagnostics, Armory 5 is alerted and we quickly take appropriate action preventing technical issues from morphing in to serious problems.

Patch Management

 We keep your servers secure, 24/7/365, with pre-scheduled, routine security updates. The monthly patches are delegated in a way that is unobtrusive ensuring we never disrupt your business operations during normal working hours.


Sever Performance Checks

Our tools enable us to gather server usage so we can make educated recommendations for server life cycle and capacity planning. In addition, we go above our standard automated monitoring to perform routine health checks to your server systems.

Virtual Server Environments

Our virtual server infrastructure resides in certified data centers offering secure environments, reliability, redundancy, optimal performance and easy-to-use tools. Offered on a pay-as-you go basis, Armory 5’s virtual servers are ideal for small and medium sized business.