Building IT: Design & Strategy

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Building A Plan For A Better Future


Strategic Planning

Armory 5 uses industry best practices to assess, plan, design, build and implement your IT infrastructure. Our team of experts spend the necessary time it takes to both understand your unique business needs and what foundation must be laid using scalable, flexible, and reliable industry leading tools. Our C-level consultants act as your outsourced CIO and CTO to help guide your business through a detailed plan that can to hold up to:

  • Business growth or downsizing
  • An expanding and/or distributed user base
  • Security and compliance requirements
  • Implementation or optimization of software (on premise & cloud)
  • New technologies such as mobile devices, virtualization, and cloud computing

Don’t let the impacts of a poorly design network or IT strategy slow your performance or drastically decrease downtime.


IT Alignment

Keeping up with the latest and greatest technology is nearly impossible.  Adding on the increased need for remote connectivity, cloud based applications, software integrations, real time data, compliance, security and just about everything else you can think of, it can become daunting to figure out how to best align your IT with your business goals and objectives. As your strategic partner, Armory 5 works with your team to identify and answer important questions like:

  • What are our project priorities?
  • How do we handle IT staffing & support- internal, outsourced or a hybrid solution?
  • Does it make sense for us to consider virtualization & shared storage?
  • How can we best leverage cloud solutions?
  • How can we better optimize our current software to provide smarter workflows?

Armory 5 helps your weigh your options and select the most efficient and appropriate solutions to align with businesses needs.

Technology Assessments

Whether you’re fixing a problem or evaluating the implementation of a new technology, it is important to understand your infrastructure. Armory 5’s in depth assessment will examine your entire IT environment, its viability for your road map initiatives and provide important next steps for preparation of what’s to come. Our technology assessments cover:

  • End-to-end network deep dive
  • Microsoft Office 365 readiness and compliance
  • Cloud readiness
  • Software workflows
  • Security checkpoints (on premise & cloud)

Armory 5’s detailed assessment report is custom, high-quality and reviewed with you and your team by one of our senior engineers.

IT Purchasing & Budgeting

Armory 5’s robust partnerships with world class technology hardware and software providers enable our team to help you determine what should be included in your IT budget.  Wether you’re looking to replace old hardware, implement new software, purchase new systems or just plan for your new year budget, your dedicated CIO or CTO helps to address:

  • What initiatives were accomplished this year?
  • What projects and goals are targeted for next year?
  • How can you best utilize your technology budget to reach your goals?
  • Are you at end of life with any of your current products?
  • What software is antiquated, no longer supported or up in contract?

Armory 5’s review documentation serves as a detail oriented guide to help you build the right technology budget and plan.

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